Why GlobalCord?

Make an informed choice for your family's future!

Thanks to today’s advances in medical technology, your newborn’s umbilical cord can continue to serve as a potential lifeline for your child in the future. By ensuring that our licensed banking providers use our exact proprietary protocols to extract, analyze, and preserve your newborn's umbilical cord lining stem cells, GlobalCord offers families a pristine source of quality stem cells that can be used for future regenerative treatments.

Before we begin, it’s important to note that parents should store both cord blood and cord tissue. Cord blood covers future therapies for the liquid organ (blood) and cord lining for solid organs (everything else). These sources produce different types of stem cells, and the more types of stem cells parents have stored, the more complete the bio-insurance will be for future stem cell therapies.

Why Store Your Newborn's Umbilical Cord Lining?

  • Life-Saving Potential – Once stored, the umbilical cord lining tissue will always be there to provide the potentially life-saving stem cells that your son or daughter may need to overcome illness, heal traumatic injuries, or treat a severe disease.

  • Standardized Procedure – Collection and storage of umbilical cord lining tissue stem cells is a safe, standardized procedure that does not interfere with your birth plan, whether delivering naturally or by Caesarian-section.

  • Simple and Non-Invasive – Immediately after your baby’s umbilical cord has been cut, the precious umbilical cord tissue is prepared for transport and storage in the licensed facility. It takes no more than a few minutes and both mother and baby will not notice anything.

  • Lifetime Access to Cutting-Edge Regenerative Medical Therapy – Banking your newborn's umbilical cord tissue through GlobalCord's licensed partners ensures lifetime access to breakthrough stem cell treatments that are increasing by the day.

Why Choose GlobalCord?

  • Proprietary Stem Cell Harvesting and Processing Technology – GlobalCord's licensed partners use CellResearch Corporation's patented technology to efficiently extract and preserve the highest quality stem cells from the umbilical cord lining. This unique process consistently yields significantly higher quantity and better quality stem cells than the industry standard.

  • The Only Globally-Patented Provider – Our licensed partners are the only cord banks that are allowed to use our proprietary cord lining stem cell technology, ensuring that all stem cells are viable, robust, and validated for future regenerative applications.

  • Cryopreservation with No Expiration Date – Our unique quality control and cryopreservation protocols ensure that your umbilical cord lining stem cells will last indefinitely.

  • Bank Anywhere in the World - GlobalCord provides a seamless route for storing and accessing your cord tissue from anywhere in the world at any time.

GlobalCord’s unique process consistently yields significantly higher quantity and better quality stem cells than the industry standard.

Successes and Milestones

The GlobalCord and CellResearch Corporation are here for you and your child every step of the way. In addition to providing you with lifetime access to your cord lining stem cells, we are continually on the forefront of stem cell research, exploring and expanding the horizon for future stem cell therapies.

Ongoing Research and Future Uses for Cord Lining Stem Cells:

  • Resurfacing burns and wounds

  • Differentiating stem cells into bone cells (osteocytes) and cartilage cells (chondrocytes)

  • Corneal resurfacing

  • Diabetes treatment

  • Haemophilia A treatment

  • Heart disease treatment

  • Treatment of hearing & balance disorders

  • Parkinson’s disease treatment

Frequently Asked Questions

Q. What is umbilical cord lining tissue?

A. The outermost lining membrane of the umbilical cord contains the richest source of epithelial and mesenchymal stem cells — the building blocks of all tissues — in the human body. By collecting and preserving this stem-cell-rich tissue, parents, their children, and their families will have access to the cells for regenerative medical therapies that may help treat future injuries, illnesses, and disorders.

Q. Does collecting the umbilical cord lining affect the newborn or the mother?

A. No, the umbilical cord lining is harvested only after the newborn has been delivered and the umbilical cord has already been clamped and cut. Collecting and extracting the cord lining takes no more than a few minutes.

Q. What can umbilical cord lining stem cells be used for?

A. Stem cell researchers continue to discover new medical applications for umbilical cord lining stem cells every day. Umbilical cord lining stem cells are particularly beneficial because they come from a high yielding source — the umbilical cord lining — and can be differentiated into a broader range of cells to repair and regenerate solid organ tissue than stem cells derived from bone marrow or peripheral blood.


Learn more About GlobalCord

GlobalCord only accepts stem cells that have been collected and processed by cord banks that are licensed by CellResearch Corporation. This ensures that only viable stem cells have been harvested and processed following our strict safety protocols. Read about our umbilical cord lining stem cell harvesting technology and our preferred partners. View our blogs to stay up-to-date on the latest developments.

Meet Our Partners

GlobalCord has chosen the following partners because we trust that their facilities provide the highest standards of cord tissue and cord blood storage required for extracting a high quality and quantity of stem cells in the future.

1. CordLife Group Ltd https://www.cordlife.com/

Territories: Singapore, Hong Kong & Macau, Philippines, Indonesia, India, China

2. StemLife http://www.stemlife.com/

Territories: Malaysia

3. MekoStem http://www.mekostem.com/en

Territories: Vietnam and Indo-China

4. CariCord https://www.caricord.com/

Territories: North America

Past Partners (cords are still licensed with GlobalCord)

5. StemCyte https://www.stemcyte.com/

Territories: North America and Taiwan

If you live outside of our licensed partners' areas, please contact us to arrange for your cord to be stored in the nearest cord banking facility that offers GlobalCord technology and is covered by our parent company's patent.

Make an informed choice. Select a cord banking service that is licensed to offer complete coverage for all stem cell therapies derived from your stored cord.

Umbilical cord lining tissue banked by non-licensed cord blood banks may not provide the stem cell yield or quality that CellResearch Corporation’s proprietary and patented protocols can provide — this may affect its suitability for future therapeutic use. In addition, these blood banks and medical institutions that offer CellResearch Corporation's patented protocols — which include ALL cord lining stem cell therapies — are at risk of patent infringement.

GlobalCord is operated bv CellResearch Corporation and its partners. Cords banked through GlobalCord are covered by CellResearch Corporation’s patent licensure.