Cord Lining Stem Cells and/or Umbilical Cord Stem Cells are harvested from cord tissue membrane ( They were discovered by CellResearch Corporation's Chief Scientific Officer, Associate Professor (Dr) Phan Toan Thang and Chief Medical Officer, Adjunct Professor (Dr) Ivor Lim in 2004. The technology is now patented in 35 major geographies with many more awaiting patent grant. The banking and storage of the cord tissue membrane and stem cells a.k.a. cord tissue banking have been exclusively licensed to the following preferred partners;





1. CordLife Group Ltd ( - Singapore, Malaysia, India, Philippines, Indonesia, Hong Kong, China

2. MekoStem ( - Vietnam

3. CariCord ( - USA


Cord tissue membrane and cord lining stem cells use a patented processing technique. Outside of the above preferred partners, cells obtained by other means or from other service providers cannot be guaranteed for future use which may include stem cell therapy or stem cell treatments. Moreover, Epithelial Stem Cells in their earliest Passage and in large quantities can only be harvested from very limited sources and to date, the cord tissue membrane looks to have the largest yield.

From a single umbilical cord, up to 6 billion Mesenchymal Stem Cells and 6 billion Epithelial Stem Cells can be harvested in its earliest Passage, which is a very important consideration in the regenerative and therapeutic application requirement.


Multiple regenerative and therapeutic applications are currently being studied and cord tissue membrane and cord lining stem cells should be a tissue of choice to be stored at birth together with cord blood. Information on cord lining stem cell uses can be found on the various pages inside




The cord lining stem cell technology patented by CellResearch Corporation encompasses


  • The Idea of obtaining stem cells from mammalian umbilical cord lining membrane (stem cells isolated from the amniotic lining membrane of umbilical cord of all Mammals),

  • Isolation Techniques for both Epithelial and Mesenchymal stem cells from mammalian umbilical cord amniotic lining membrane,

  • Culture and Maintenance Media Formulations and

  • Storage/banking and therapeutic applications of Cord Lining stem cells.


This has allowed CellResearch Corporation to consider multiple aspects of the technology including ensuring that the correct processing techniques are practiced with our preferred partners so that the cells will have a potential usage in the future and not be stored inappropriately today which may become a hazard to the uses downstream.

All licensed cord storage with our preferred partners are registered in the GlobalCord. Licensed cords can be assured that the stored cords can be used in the future when the relevant regenerative and therapeutic applications become a reality. An illustration of how the GlobalCord can be beneficial is shown below.


Global Cord Registry Extend